A New Leadership Team
at kobaltblau

A New Leadership Team
at kobaltblau

kobaltblau: Consulting Excellence at the Interface between Business and IT

Frankfurt on Main/Munich, 27th of April 2021

Thomas Heinevetter, Martin Tydecks, and Klaus Mahle are the new Managing Directors of the IT management consultants kobaltblau as of 1 May 2021, following Hans-Werner Feick, who is moving on to new professional challenges. Thomas Heinevetter and Martin Tydecks have both been with kobaltblau since its foundation in 2016. They are joined by Klaus Mahle, originally from the consulting firm Cassini AG.

“Our great competence and experience in IT and management consulting, combined with expansive organizational knowhow, is the USP we are bringing to our clients. We understand digitalization as a business issue and want to contribute our consulting services as true partners of our clients’ CIOs, CDOs, IT leaders and professionals – always with a sense for the solutions that best fit their company, their products, and their customers”, says Martin Tydecks, whose responsibilities at the kobaltblau board include finance.

Integrated competence at the interface between Business and IT

Since starting out as a company, kobaltblau has considered itself as a combined management consulting and top technology specialist, working right at the seam between IT and Business. In their integrated consulting projects, kobaltblau and its clients are bringing innovative business models to life in today’s digital reality and reenergizing IT organizations, systems, and processes with intelligent and coherent concepts and a real sense for actual the practitioner’s concerns. For this purpose, kobaltblau also relies on the services of iterate, its sister company dedicated to software development.

A more focussed brand and an enterprising team

“kobaltblau brings together the essential competences to deliver top solutions for the modern IT organizations that are becoming ever more relevant for business success. We will continue to focus our brand and our consulting principles in this direction for substantial, but organic growth in the years ahead”, says Klaus Mahle, in charge of marketing and sales at kobaltblau.

kobaltblau is gearing up its people and organizational structures for the bright future ahead and daring to try novel forms of participation, as Thomas Heinevetter, also in charge for HR, explains: “For us, it is all about the team. We believe that leadership is something that is best shared by more than one person, and that is why we are giving our people opportunities to move from being co-contributors to becoming co-entrepreneurs with us. It is their competence, passion, and commitment that our shared success comes from.” Klaus Eberhard, Managing Partner and founder of kobaltblau and iteratec, explains what this means in practice: “We will be designing a real and comprehensive employee participation system for kobaltblau in the next few months, working from the model that we have been using at iterate with great results over the years.”

Lade Team Mitglieder...